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I had inception last night

So in my dream, iI threw another party but it was more like a barbeque because it was during the day and it was like a street party because everyone was outside my front yard. Everyone was having a good time but I couldn’t help but feel like something was wrong inside, so I went into my room and my friend Tom was in there and he was crying. I tried to help him, but he got up and shut the door, pinned me down on my bed and put these three massive, thick, 6inch nails through each of my hands and down into my mattress. He put some into my feet aswell, then some into my right hip, but lengthwise, like you would put a safety pin into material. As you can imagine I was screaming and crying, and then all of a sudden I woke up in my bed.

I was alone and the party was still going on outside and I checked my hands and they were completely fine. All I could think was like ‘holy shit oh my god that was such a crazy dream’ and went to get up out of my bed and realised the ones on my hip were still there and they were all down my inner thigh, you could see the dark lines though my skin. I decided that I couldn’t bring myself to take them out, so I just got up and rejoined the party. Everyone was trying to help me but I wouldn’t let them take them out because I was so scared of how much it would hurt. I went to sit down, and my leg pushed one of the nails out. My brother picked it up and burnt it over the fire and it turned to ash. I didn’t seem to think was weird so just kept going around and talking to people and then I woke up again in my bed and checked my hands and hip and I was fine AND I WAS ACTUALLY AWAKE THAT TIME.  

I was so relieved, and then I realised I’d had inception and texted Max to tell him I was Leonardo DiCaprio.

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